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This page covers most questions you will have about the service. If you still need more information, click the contact us link and shoot us an email.


  1. How it works
  2. Application Support
  3. Reports and Delivery Notification
  4. Spam Policy

How it works

Docoff providers a number of applications you may install for free that will send SMS text messages to mobile phones located nearly anywhere in the world Signup The first fing to do is sign up for an account and get your mobile activated. US customers can send messages to their own mobiles free! Other users get $1 worth of test message. Phone Shift: Downloading and installing the "Phone Shift" application is easy. Just click HERE and save the application to your desktop. Then install it by double clicking. Sending your first SMS: Simply right click anything on your computer and chose "Send To" mobile. The item will be delived to your mobile device via an SMS. Free SMS: Free SMS is available only when sending to your own mobile device in the USA.
If your mobile phone provider offers an "Email to SMS" gateway then you can use Dockoff's SMS system for free to send as many TXT messages as you like to your own mobile phone. Dock off will try and send all SMS to your phone this way by default. If you find your not receiving any SMS, please login to your account and turn this feature off. Sending other messages: You can send a text message from within the Phone Shift application by simply typing in the message box or pasting any content in to the application. Send to other numbers: To send messages to other phone numbers you will have to purchase SMS credit from here After purchasing credit make sure you have "confirm before sending" selected in the options of Phone Shift. You can then select any contect from the drop down list or type the phone number in to the "TO" field. SMS Expiration: SMS credit never expires.

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Application Help

Phone Shift Support can be found here

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SMS Reports

How can I see the SMS that I have sent You can see all of the SMS that you have sent by logging in to your account at the top of the website and then navigating to the SMS history link. clic here My friend didn't get the SMS You can see the delivery status of messages by viewing the reports page. This will let you know when a message is actually delivered to your friends mobile. If we do not receive a delivery notification after the validity period is expired we will refund the cost.*
Please note: The Unted States and a small number of other countries do not support delivery notification at this time. You will be charged for all outgoing SMS.

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Our Spam Policy

Dockoff does not permit any SPAM messages to be sent from our service at any time. Our Definition of Spam We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted text message, or any message originating from someone you have not authorized to have your mobile number to be SPAM. Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement: As part of our terms and conditions agreement, our clients specifically agree NOT to use Dockoff to send SPAM. If we suspect a violation of our anti-spam policy, we will contact the client and discuss a range of options to ensure an immedate end to the violation, which may range from a warning to termination of service for that client. To the best of our knowledge, our system adheres to all provincial, state and national laws regarding SMS messages. SPAM and Abuse Reporting: Please let us know about any abuse or unwanted/unsolicited messages. In your email, please including your mobile number, the date and time you received it and the contents of the message. Send your report to

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